Gane dinero hoy mismo promoviendo sitios de adultos reconocidos que se convierten en dinero rápidamente!

Hussy Cash - Gane dinero hoy mismo en linea!


What types of websites do you specialize on?

Our program presents websites containing specialty niches that generate high interest among our adult users as you can observe while visiting each site..

How much do you pay for each sign-up?

You get 55% of the each sign-up or more based on your sales volume.

Can I make money by referring other webmasters to

You will receive 5% of what your referred webmasters will make!

When are payments made available for my sales?

All payouts are made by CCBill, you can check your sales stats within the webmaster panel. All payments are made as soon as you reach $100 in sales, if you wish you can set the payout at a higher rate or different payout schedules.

Have you got free content, FHGs and other tools?

We provide you with different kinds of promo tools to make your life easier: banners, free hosted galleries(FHGs), exclusive free content, descriptions, etc. All the promo tools are available within the Advertisement tools - Banners section.

What features does your program offer to webmasters?

Our webmaster program if managed by ccbill, so you get all the standard sales stats, as well as payments made to you.

How can I maximize my sales and earn more money?

You can use any linking method you prefer, i.e. text links, banners, blind links, etc. Use a combination o f links and banners, all the traffic you send us, will become potential sales and possible increase in income.

How often do you have upgrades?

We continiously upgrade all the sites to keep content fresh and news. This makes our sites more interesting and people tend to be more inclined to subscribe, hence become sales for you.

Where can I find all the promo tools?

All the promo materials are in the "Marketing tools and banners" section. That's the place to look for the latest FHGs, banners, descriptions, free content. Afiliados
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Como un afiliado usted puede ganar dinero trabajando desde su casa, tan solo ocupa promocionar nuestros sitios de adultos en donde pueda y así ganara dinero!

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A usted le interesa ingresar en la industria del sexo cibernetico? Si es inversionista le puede interesar lo que tenemos.
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Tips de Mercadeo
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Tienes muchas opciones para vender, desde anunciar en | Blogs | E-mails | Foros | tu Propio Sitio, etc. Tan solo ocupas usar tu numero de afiliado para empezar a vender!

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